What we do

At Powerful Performance Partnership, we run a range of individual, 'open' and in-company training intensives to support individuals and teams gain fresh insights and to access higher quality of mind. Brilliant news for those wanting to achieve even greater performance with a better peace of mind.

Open Programmes – Liberate Your Thinking

Run over 3 days our ‘open programmes’ are an ideal opportunity for you to experience what we do and how we work. Click here for our next open programme.   We also run this programme in-Company with the focus on a company specific issue.  

Individual Intensive Programmes

We design individual one to one programmes that support you in understanding the powerful nature of thought and its impact on every area of our lives.  We agree a programme to fit your requirements, which includes a mix of concentrated ‘teaching’ sessions and several coaching sessions over a period of time to support you in achieving a desired change.

Organisation Development

We work with leadership teams to manage change, with an emphasis on culture and other human aspects of change.  We design and run a range of cultural assessments, 360-degree feedback and customer surveys to facilitate leadership, planning and evaluate change.

Leadership and Management Development

We design and deliver a range of bespoke training and development programmes with an emphasis on leadership and interpersonal skills, to meet your organisation’s needs.  We are also able to work with you in the design and delivery of a stepped and continuous approach to new and potential leaders.