Open Programmes & Intensives

  • Head of HR, Precision Engineering

    "The ‘Liberate Your Thinking’ Workshop has enabled me to take my approach to being more effective to another level, predominantly professionally, but at a personal level as well. I am finding greater clarity and quality to my thinking that is reflected in my work. As an HR professional it has also enabled me to be more effective in coaching others, working at the pace of others and helping them to gain similar insights into their own thinking as I have. This has improved the effectiveness in the way both I and those around me interact and enabled the whole group to be greater than the sum of its parts." Click here to read more about how this happened for Simon.

  • Senior Learning & Development Assistant, The Royal Household

    “I have achieved a greater level of calm since attending the workshop. I have built a much better relationship with someone I work with and conquered my fear on a recent holiday.”

  • Senior Project Manager, Technology Engineering

    “I have found working with Caroline stimulating and exciting. I have learnt so much about myself and what I am capable of achieving.  It has redefined my expectation of success and has opened my mind to what it is possible. I can clearly see a way forward; I understand what is important. I believe this is a vital step to achieving the ultimate success in my life. it has transcended all aspects of my life.  I am continuing my quest with Caroline - and can't wait for the next stage of the journey." 

  • Operations Manager, Drug & Alcohol Centre

    “I have used it in my work every day. I have talked to clients not in a learned way, just talked about their anxieties but used simple phrases and illustrations to show them they can think themselves out of anxiety and into a more comfortable place.”

In-Company Programmes

  • HR Director, SBU Food Manufacturing

    “After working in HR in FMCG for the last 28 years, I had a real ‘Wow!’ moment during an event with one of our manufacturing site leadership teams. I’ve been working with this team for about the last 6 months and decided to try something very different. Facilitated by Caroline Brewer and Piers Thurston, I attended (as a delegate), their 3 day programme. It introduced us to some powerful, but inherently simple, principles that have left us feeling curious to learn and understand more but also confident that, if we maintain this different level of connection we can bring some really creative thinking to our business.  It’s fair to say that we started the 3 days with a healthy dose of cynicism and challenge but left feeling very, very positive. I see the 3 days as a significant step in the right direction to think very differently about how we really can deliver change and performance.”

  • Operations Director, Food Manufacturing

    “In 40 years of management training I’ve never come across anything like this, it’s really different and it can make a huge impact.”

  • Operations Director, Food Manufacturing

  • Operations Director, Food Manufacturing

Organisation Development & Diagnostic Tools

  • Head of Learning & Development, Housing Association

    “We used the 360 Feedback  Survey as an individual diagnostic tool to support our Leadership Development Programme. As a precursor to the programme participants completed the survey and the results provided them with feedback from a wide cross section of key stakeholders against a bespoke set of leadership traits and competencies. The survey was really well received by all of the participants (our Heads of Service) as it provided a fantastic source of rich information for them and for their discussions with their managers, their teams and colleagues. Ultimately it provided focus for them for the programme and subsequent action planning and performance improvement. I have no hesitation in recommending the 360 Feedback Survey.”

  • Chairman, NED, Strategic Advisor & Investor

    “You really have perfected your craft in terms of quickly assessing the situation, getting to know the people, winning them round and then implementing a plan such that they individually and collectively have the potential to become better more effective team leaders and stake holders. The evidence is already there in the attitudes and performances of the staff in general… In addition, such was the trust you quickly gained from the directors and senior management team you rapidly found yourself involved with numerous additional projects from recruitment to group strategy. Thank you for showing the flexibility and willingness to step outside the agreed project into a broader advisory role for the business.”

  • HR Manager, Food Manufacturing

    “I have engaged Powerful Performance on many projects that have had high impact on our business. Caroline has worked as a partner in the business with our Managers, and in collaboration with Educational Establishments such as Bournemouth & Poole College of Higher Education in delivering accredited training programmes (ILM) for our company. She is an expert coach and facilitator working with groups of our Managers to deliver training and on a one-to-one basis providing executive coaching at all levels in the business to high effect. Powerful Performance have also delivered cultural surveys and supported with planning in response to the survey results.”