About Us

People are at the heart of every business, whether they are employees or customers. At Powerful Performance Partnership we have made a career out of understanding people. With an impressive breadth and depth of experience between us, the Powerful Performance team bring a different perspective to understanding the people in your business. In these days of fast paced change, leaders and managers often find it challenging to get their message across in powerful and impactful ways when there are so many distractions – we point to the fact that if you really want to be heard it’s about turning up the connection and turning down the volume! And that is exactly what we do.

The Team

No Picture Caroline is a highly respected HR professional.  She is passionate about developing leaders who have the capability to create connected teams, encourage mutual respect and foster individual talent.  Her business experience and depth of understanding of life at the ‘sharp end’ enable her to design targeted interventions that impact not only business performance, but create trust, commitment and engagement.  Her ability to take complex situations and create simple solutions is supported by her positive, open and engaging approach. Caroline Brewer Linked In

No Picture Christine spent over 20 years as a Sales and Marketing Manager in the corporate environment. This experience highlighted that the key differential for outstanding performance is people. Christine brings light and energy into the training and development arena, enabling her to get to the heart of an issue and uncover the best in people.  She is able to bring issues to life through her creativity and skill of story-telling, enabling trainees to really get what it means to be a leader of people.  Her natural ability to relate to people in a very positive and empathetic way really encourages them to relax and explore new possibilities and opportunities. Christine Mansfield Linked In

No Picture Piers is a specialist in state of mind and mindset transformation. Unlocking the invisible power of the human mind in business. Enabling individuals, teams or organisations to significantly increase their levels of clarity, creativity, motivation and resilience. He has studied and trained in many disciplines over the years. Now all his work is based from the grounding of The 3 Principles. With 16 years of individual and group coaching experience, (over 6000 coaching hours) under his belt he has experience, expertise and versatility. Piers Thurston Linked In

No Picture Resilience and wellbeing are at the heart of Liz’s coaching work. She helps leaders reconnect to their own internal clarity and wisdom by sharing how the mind actually works. This enables her clients to understand the true nature of stress and to align themselves to their own natural flow of creativity. Liz has worked in both the private and public sector delivering training and coaching for groups and individuals. One of her passions is working in education, helping schools to develop an understanding of resilience and mental health. Liz comes from a background in the media. She worked as a BBC radio reporter for 12 years before setting up a coaching business.Liz Scott Linked In